Contest the golden lyre 2024

Monday 26 February marked the start of the 8th edition of the prestigious Lyre d'Or competition, organised by the Fédération des Fromagers de France. This year, 15 candidates, including 7 women, from different regions of France competed to create the most beautiful cheese platter on the theme of "Sport and Cheese" in 2? hours: a traditional platter for 15 people, a reception platter for 20 people and a ready-to-eat snack.

The Lyre d'Or is the Crémiers-Fromagers cheeseboard competition.
The aim of the competition is to showcase the day-to-day technical skills of France's Crémiers-Fromagers and their staff. The competition jury, made up of professionals in the field, awarded 3 prizes:

  • the Golden Lyre
  • the Silver Lyre
  • the Bronze Lyre

Discover the participants list: 

  • Ile-de-France 

Gaëlle Poder, Chez Virginie, Paris (75) 

Marine Thiébault, Androuet, Paris (75)

  • Bretagne 

Solen Beyssac, Maison Bordier, Saint-Malo (35) 

  • Normandie

Priscilia Duval, Au P’tit Fromage, Conches-en-Ouche (27) 

Steven Le Gall, Eurl fromagerie du vieux marché, Rouen (76)

  • Pays de la Loire

Margot Marcant, SALR Morgat, Angers (49)
Matthieu Rouet, Fromagerie Crèmerie Rouet, Brissac-Quincé (49)
Clément Sauval, Fromagerie Cottage, Talmont-Saint-Hilaire (85)

  • Occitanie

 Antoine Abellan, Le bois d’Amalthée, Cazillac (46) 
Célia Desperier, Le Cours des Halles, Tournefeuille (31)

  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Estelle Hans, La fromagerie des Pins, Le Barp (33)

Fabien Lanave, La Crèmerie de Fabien, Mont-de-Marsan (40) 

  • Grand Est

Vincent Feith, Mille & 1 Fromages, Augny (57) 

  • Hauts-de-France 

Grégoire Declemy, SARL Planchon, Amiens (80)

  • Bourgogne Franche-Comté
Clément Gavand, Les Garçons Fromagers, Dole (39) 


Discover the portraits of the winners

Portrait of one of the winners: Grégoire Declemy.

The Golden Lyre : Grégoire Declemy, SARL Planchon, Amiens (80) Hauts de France 

At 33, Grégoire is in charge of a cheese dairy. Previously in the chemical industry, Grégoire changed careers eight years ago. "I'm extremely extremely happy and honoured to receive the Lyre d'Or this year. It has been an intense and demanding process, with three months of preparation. The three-hour three-hour test was a real challenge, but I'm delighted to have been able to present exactly what I wanted," explains Grégoire Decker. exactly what I wanted," explains Grégoire Declemy.

The Silver Lyre : Gaëlle Poder, Chez Virginie, Paris (75), Ile de France

Gaëlle Poder is passionate about French gastronomy, having started out as a pastry chef before specialising in cheese-making. before specialising in cheese-making. At just 23 years of age she is the youngest entrant in the competition. "I'm delighted to be awarded the Lyre d'Argent. d'Argent. It's a great source of pride for me to have won this prize after only five years of experience. only five years of experience. All the hard work upstream has finally paid off finally paid off, and I'm grateful to my mentors for their support along the way. support along the way. This win is a real motivation to continue to excel in my profession", explains Gaëlle Poder.
Portrait of one of the winners: Gaelle Poder.
Portrait of one of the winners: Clément Gavand.

The Bronze Lyre : Clément Gavand, Les Garçons Fromagers, Dole (39), Bourgogne -Franche-Comté

At the age of 35, Clément Gavand and his partner are co-managers of Les Garçons Fromagers. "I'm very happy and grateful to win the bronze medal. bronze medal. It was a very intense period, with three months of reflection and a month of hard work to prepare everything. It's been a very gruelling ordeal, and it's a great source of pride for me to see all the hard work I've put in. to see all that effort rewarded. This medal will be displayed proudly displayed at the cheese dairy, as a testament to our commitment to excellence," says Clément Gavand.
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