Contest the golden lyre 2024
  • Monday 26 February 12.30 pm - 3 pm

The show's flagship competition, organised by the Fédération des Fromages de France, is back for its 8th edition. This year, 15 contestants from all over France will be competing to create the most beautiful cheese platter on the theme of "Sport and Cheese". Who will succeed Nathalie Matignon, the winner of the 2022 edition?

Thus, the 15 candidates in contention will have to realize in 2h30, three stages around the following guidelines:
- a traditional platter with 7 to 9 cheeses for 15 people,
- a reception tray for 20 persons or all cheeses must be cut,
- a snack plate comprising 3 kinds of "ready-to-eat" preparations with cheese as the main ingredient.

The Jury of the competition composed of professionals of the trade, will award 3 prizes:

  • the golden lyre
  • the silver lyre
  • the bronze lyre

Discover the exhibitors list: 

  • Ile-de-France 

Gaëlle Poder, Chez Virginie, Paris (75) 

Marine Thiébault, Androuet, Paris (75)

  • Bretagne 

Solen Beyssac, Maison Bordier, Saint-Malo (35) 

  • Normandie

Priscilia Duval, Au P’tit Fromage, Conches-en-Ouche (27) 

Steven Le Gall, Eurl fromagerie du vieux marché, Rouen (76)

  • Pays de la Loire

Margot Marcant, SALR Morgat, Angers (49)
Matthieu Rouet, Fromagerie Crèmerie Rouet, Brissac-Quincé (49)
Clément Sauval, Fromagerie Cottage, Talmont-Saint-Hilaire (85)

  • Occitanie

 Antoine Abellan, Le bois d’Amalthée, Cazillac (46) 
Célia Desperier, Le Cours des Halles, Tournefeuille (31)

  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Estelle Hans, La fromagerie des Pins, Le Barp (33)

Fabien Lanave, La Crèmerie de Fabien, Mont-de-Marsan (40) 

  • Grand Est

Vincent Feith, Mille & 1 Fromages, Augny (57) 

  • Hauts-de-France 

Grégoire Declemy, SARL Planchon, Amiens (80)

  • Bourgogne Franche-Comté
Clément Gavand, Les Garçons Fromagers, Dole (39) 

Discover the portrait of two candidates

Marine Thiebault, Androuet, Paris

Marine Thiébault, 36, embodies passion and commitment. She is the manager of the Androuet boutique on rue de la Terrasse in Paris. Marine's background is as a road cycling competitor, and she spent several years doing so. A lifelong cheese enthusiast, she made the bold decision to retrain three years ago. Opting for a CQP in cheese-making at Androuet, she has put her heart and soul into this field. For her, taking part in the Lyre d'Or competition is a unique opportunity. Her talent lies in creating cheese platters, a real work of art that enhances the products she presents. In this Olympic year, Marine sees the competition as a stimulating way of combining her love of cheese with her former passion for sport, a fusion of two worlds that are close to her heart. Her goal? To brilliantly rise to the challenge of marrying the worlds of cheese and sport through her expertise and creativity.
Spotlight on Marine's favourite hot cheese:
"Of all the cheeses I love to melt, my favourite is blue-veined : Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage. Both mild and powerful, it goes well with seasonal vegetables, and is the perfect accompaniement to jacket potatoes. "

Vincent Feith, Mille & 1 fromages, Metz 

Vincent Feith, 26, is a first-generation graduate of the CAP (vocational training certificate) in cheese-making. He is now a cheese-maker at Mille & 1 Fromages in Augny, near Metz. Vincent has been contributing to the success of this cheese dairy since it opened on 5 December 2020. In his quest to excel, he took up the challenge of the Lyre d'Or competition to measure himself and explore his abilities. Having already taken part in the MAF Crémier-Fromager competition during his training, he aspires to challenge himself further and discover his limits, seeking to raise his talent beyond expectations. A further step in his career dedicated to the art of cheese.
"The cheese I particularly like in these cold weather months is Chevrotin des Aravis, because I'm a big fan of goat's cheese.  What's more, I like to use this cheese in tartiflette instead of the traditional Reblochon. "
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