Meeting with Patricia Michelson, founder of La Fromagerie (three shops in London). What does the Cheese and Dairy Products Show mean to you? Everything has changed a lot since my first show, where there were only a few stands... Today, it has become the ideal stage to present new or seasoned producers. The show sets the tone for what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow in the world of cheese.
Potrait of Patricia Michelson.

What are you looking forward to in the 2024 edition? First, to meet producers we work with but also to taste cheeses from producers we don’t yet know. It's also fantastic to have the opportunity to go to the Agriculture Show, which takes place at the same time, to see the animals and the different herds used in cheese making!

Which types of products or product categories are you particularly interested in? I am interested in raw milk because it faithfully expresses how milk is then transformed into cheeses and dairy products, as well as the necessary steps to achieve the final result. There are so many valuable things in raw milk and in this evolutionary process that we must respect and keep the flame alive.

For the first time this year, the show is launching its official daily. What do you think of this initiative? Whether it's a physical magazine or a newsroom, it's important to have these platforms to watch over the sector and see what you can learn from others. We are at the end of the cheese chain, and if we can maintain a close and well-informed relationship with farmers and producers, the consumer will inevitably benefit.