An original creation of the Cheese and Dairy Products Show, the Coups de Coeur Contest has enjoyed growing success with exhibitors since 2016. In 2022, there were 117 products presented which represented both the terroir, the taste and the quality through novelties, cheeses and emblematic dairy products, but also unexpected pairings.

A panel of professionals will elect after a blind-taste their 10 favourites products.

The food products will be judged on organoleptic properties (shape, appearance, texture, taste...).

Other products (material, equipment and services...) will be judged on a number of criteria: innovation, handling, respect for environment…


4 reasons to take part

  • Highlight your expertise
  • Attract new clients
  • Motivate your team
  • Benefit from an increased communication during the show

Which products can be registered ?

Your products, services, materials, equipment... The contest is not only for novelties, all products (even those marketed for a long time) can be registered. Products awarded in the 2016, 2018 and 2020 Coups de Coeur Contest cannot participate for 2022.

Who can take part ?

Exhibitors or co-exhibitors of the 2022 Cheese and Dairy Products Show, french or international.

How will the awarded products be advertised ?

  • Before the show: Results will be revealed to the press with a tasting of the awarded products. A dedicated e-newsletters will be sent to visitors. Focus on social networks.
  • During the show : Special pages in the official catalogue and pictogram on show maps. Exhibition of the awarded products in a high footfall area. Special display for your stand. Prize giving during the show

The jury 2024

Portrait of Michael Belissa.


  • Can you introduce yourself in 5/6 lines?

I'm Michaël Belissa, cheesemaker at the Belisson cheese dairy and creator of fif (Festival international du fromage et des produits laitiers). I'm also a trainer at CFPL (Italian cheeses and career transition).

  • If you were a cheese, what would you be and why?

A cheese with impeccable hygiene. I'd start with a hot bath before curdling. Pressed, I'd often turn over in the hope of being rubbed. I'd aspire to be cared for in the fresh air, ideally in a mountain pasture. If I were a cheese, I'd be a pâte pressée cuite d'Alpage.

Léo Begin

  • Can you introduce yourself in 5/6 lines?

Léo Begin, cremier-fromager in Brussels, Belgium, where I opened La Fruitière in 2017 with my mother. Practically born in a Comté vat, I chose the Milky Way in 2012. In 2016, I obtained my CQP crémier fromager in Paris. Fascinated by the terroir and the little and big stories that make up the world of cheese, I decided to move to Belgium to open a polymorphous place that combines a retail creamery, a cheese bar and an urban dairy. Curious and voracious, I've forged a long relationship with the world of beer in particular, with whom I love to collaborate on a regular basis at international level.

  • If you were a cheese, what would you be and why?

If I were a cheese, I'd be a Comté of course, for the symbolism it represents, for its role as the standard-bearer of a region, for its link with its territory and its inhabitants. There's a Comté for every moment of the day, for every taste and every desire. It's happiness at your fingertips.


Portrait of Léo Begin.
Portrait of Evert Schonhage.


  • Can you introduce yourself in 5/6 lines? 

I was born and raised next to my uncle's small farm, where I spent all my free time. It was there that I discovered fresh, unprocessed milk, straight from the cow. It's a product I still love! But as cheese. As a trained cheese judge, I judge cheeses and dairy products not only in the Netherlands, but all over Europe. Recently, I was part of the "Super Jury" at the World Cheese Awards in Trondheim (No). In addition to these wonderful opportunities, I work at the Kaas fortress in Amsterdam and have a small promotional business.

  • Do you always enjoy cheese with... ?

I always enjoy cheese with good company (friends, family, etc.) and drinks!

Claude MARET

  • Can you introduce yourself in 5/6 lines?

Formerly a cheese maker in Paris, I've been actively retired for the past 3 years as President of the French Cheese Makers Federation. The federation takes care of the 4300 companies (store or market) by answering all that relates to the activity of cremier fromager. We've been in the craft industry since 2015.

Portrait of Claude Maret.
Portrait of Camille Brossard, cheese creamer.


  • Can you introduce yourself in 5/6 lines?


Camille Brossard began a career change in the world of cheese in 2013, working at the Beaufils cheese shop at 118 rue de Belleville (Paris 20). In 2023, she bought the store and renamed it Fromagerie Lefort. She is known for her commitment to the dairy industry and for speaking out under the pseudonym iconocheese. Camille Brossard defends causes such as working conditions in the boutique, the affordability of quality cheeses for as many people as possible, and sustainable agriculture.

  • Do you always enjoy cheese with...?



  • Can you introduce yourself in 5/6 lines?

I am an Onaf Master Taster and teacher of tasters courses. I have been passionate about cheese tasting all my life and very often I plan my holidays in order to visit particular dairies or production areas. I am curious about local cultures and I find that cheese, more than other food and wine products, is the representation of the unique traditions of a territory; I am passionate about the stories behind the products, as well as obviously the more technical part of the quality of the final product. In the last few years I’m assiduously participating in dairy competitions which give me the opportunity to learn about particular and niche products.


  • Do you always enjoy cheese with...?

I always enjoy cheese with a good company! I believe that the best way to taste cheese is in purity, as it gives the cheese more space to express itself. But, if you’re tasting it with friends, let’s give space to imagination and add chutney, fruits, tea, wine or whatever it come to your mind! Just play and enjoy your tasting, your cheese experience couldn’t be better.

Portrait of Alice Sattanio.
Picture of Emily Monaco

Emily Monaco

  • Can you introduce yourself in 5/6 lines?

Emily Monaco is a New York-based journalist and food guide. She writes for a range of media including the BBC, Saveur, France Today, and Atlas Obscura. Her work focuses on terroir, the intersection of culture and gastronomy, and cheese, of course! She shares her discoveries through her newsletter, Emily in France, and her Instagram account. She has already sat on the judging panel for the World Cheese Awards in Newport, Wales, and the Frankfurt International Trophy in Frankfurt, Germany.

  • If you were a cheese, what would you be and why?

I love all cheeses, but I have a soft spot for anything in the blue-veined family - and in particular the Fourme d'Ambert matured by Laurent Dubois, with its hint of sweetness that counterbalances the spiciness of the blue so well.

Jeanne Gaffet & Marco Lubrano

  • Can you introduce yourself in 5/6 lines?

Jeanne Gaffet, Head Cheese Buyer and Cellar Manager for La Louve, France's first cooperative and participative supermarket, since 2016 in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Cheese is a childhood passion and making it an important part of her job after living across Europe is a real pleasure. And it's even more of a pleasure to help our cooperative members discover the diversity and quality of our cheeses!

Marco Lubrano, volunteer Cheese Buyer for La Louve, France's first cooperative and participatory supermarket, since 2016 in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. I trained as a lawyer and I'm passionate about cheese, because of my origins, with a strong bias towards Italian and Swiss cheeses, but a love of French cheeses; I've been infatuated with Anglo-Saxon cheeses for a few years now.

Photo of Jeanne Gaffet and Marco Lubrano with a cheese
Picture of Michel Fouchereau

Michel Fouchereau

  • Can you introduce yourself in 5/6 lines?

Michel Fouchereau Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2004 Cheesemaker, founded the Fromagerie d'Auteuil 75016 Paris in 1995, and the Fromagerie de Versailles 78000 Versailles in 2016. President of the Cheesemaker class in the "Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France" competition. Do you always enjoy cheese with...? I always enjoy cheese with a glass of wine and a piece of bread.

Roxane Fourgous 

  • Can you present yourself in 5/6 lines ?

Epicurean, globetrotter and agronomist, I created Bières & Fromages to discover the richness of these two exceptional products; through innovative, original and tasty alliances. I lead pairing workshops and I write articles on the players and products of the brewing and cheese industry. I am also co-referent for the association Buveuses de Bières which promotes the inclusion of women in the brewing environment through tasting and zythology.

  • Do you always eat cheese with…?

... beer! Beers and cheeses: the gourmet alliance!

Portrait of Roxane Fourgous, member of the jury of the Coups de Coeur contest.
Portrait  of Samuel Bourdin, member of the jury of the Coups de Coeur contest.

Samuel Bourdin

  • Can you present yourself in 5/6 lines?

My name is Samuel Bourdin, I was born in Laval, am married and father of 2 children. Since 2004, I am in charge of the Boutique de la Cité du Lait. Over the years and as a cheese that is matured, I discovered a real passion for dairy in general. I trained with experts such as Xavier Thuret ( mof cheese class 2007) and obtained the CQP in sales consulting dairy cheese factory in 2017 with my friend Léo Begin ( La Fruitière in Brussels). Now it is with pleasure that I put my expertise and knowledge of products at the service of my customers in store. I also provide many services outside. I am delighted to be part of the Coup de Coeur Jury of the Cheese and Dairy Show

  • If you were a cheese, which would you be and why?

My favorite cheesemaker: Le Beaufort Chalet d'Alpage AOP: an experience of «live my life» in alpine at the Gaec Alpin Famille Poccard in Peisey Nancroix (73).


  • Can you introduce yourself in 5/6 lines?

Ms. Ahlem Gharbi is Director of the Institut français d'Algérie, a French cultural institution present in five Algerian cities (Algiers, Annaba, Constantine, Oran and Tlemcen) whose mission is to develop cultural, educational, academic and sporting exchanges between France and Algeria.
As part of the Institut Français d'Algérie's cultural program, Ms Gharbi has set up a gastronomic highlight to promote French know-how in Algeria and develop cooperative initiatives with Algerian professionals. It was in this context that the first edition of the International Cheese Festival Algeria was organized in 2023, with Michael Belissa and Michel Fouchereau, to elect the "best cheesemaker in Algeria", Ms. Feriel Adidou, and to shine the spotlight on Ms. Imen Khazana, who was awarded the "coup de Cœur" prize and, a few months later, won a Gold Medal at the Mondial du Fromage in Tours 2023 for a unique "jbane al Qfass" cheese.
Convinced that gastronomy is a powerful vector for bringing people together and for social cohesion, Ms. Gharbi is keen to develop other projects in this sector, including a second edition of the Cheese Festival and training for Algerian cheesemakers.

Portrait of Alhem Gharbi.
Portrait  of Sara Lacomba, member of the jury of the Coups de Coeur contest.

Sara Lacomba

  • Can you present yourself in 5/6 lines?

Originally from Puglia, Sara was the first to produce local and organic mozzarella in France, relaunching the concept of urban dairy. After managing her company Ottanta for 10 years, she is currently Chief Operating Officer at Storia e Ottanta Pasta, where she is working on the opening of a new production center for mozzarella and fresh pasta that will open in spring 2024. She is also a Pasta Filées trainer at the CFPL and supports young French companies wanting to start making cheeses.


  • If you were a cheese, which would you be and why?

The mozzarella, of course! Very banal in appearance, everyone thinks to know it, but it is one of the most difficult cheeses to manufacture and requires an almost immediate consumption... it is a cheese that deserves.

Susan Sturman

  • Can you present yourself in 5/6 lines?

Frequent jury member at international competitions for 12 years, Susan Sturman is the founder of Makers & Mongers, and counts among her clients Mons Formation where she developed the professional training courses for Anglophones, as well as Profession Fromager for which she translates all the publications, as well as CIFCA as a teacher. Originally from America, she chose France out of love for this country - including its cheeses!

  • Do you always eat cheese with…?

Being purist I prefer my cheeses without accompaniment, except friendly friends! If you were a cheese, which would you be and why? If I were a cheese, it would be a good Saint Nectaire, all grey and well matured, with a strong character and a tender heart.

Portrait  of Susan Sturman, member of the jury of the Coups de Coeur contest.

Discover the 2024 winners:

Cheese Ossau Iraty Agour - France (64)

OSSAU IRATY - AGOUR - FRANCE (64) -                    STAND B 059

This PDO cheese from the Basque Country is made from the milk of traditional ewe breeds (Manex tête noire, Manex tête rousse and basco béarnaise) that are fed naturally, with neither GMOs nor silage. Aged on wooden boards for many months, it is remarkably delicate and mild, with subtle notes of hazelnut and dried fruit. Its soft texture, aromatic complexity and length make for an exceptional taste experience. It is also a two-time World's Best Cheese winner at the World Cheese Awards and has won many medals at the Concours Général Agricole (French national agricultural show).
Taupinette with dill Jousseaume – France (16)


An innovative creation by Fromagerie Jousseaume, Taupinette (registered trademark) with dill is a flavoured version of its famous farmhouse cheese made from raw goat's milk. Ladle-moulding and a subtle touch of dried dill enhance this new recipe. It will be enjoyed for its smooth, light texture and is ideally paired with a white Pouilly Fumé.
Straw Saint-Nectaire Fermier PDO Caves Soron S.C.P.R. - Ets Fromages et Terroirs - France (12)

STRAW SAINT-NECTAIRE FERMIER PDO CAVES SORON S.C.P.R. -                                                                              ETS FROMAGES ET TERROIRS - FRANCE (12) - STAND E 059

This Saint-Nectaire is a pressed uncooked cheese made from whole raw cow's milk. It is farm-produced and matured on straw in natural volcanic cellars. On the palate, it has a melt-in-the-mouth texture and an incomparable taste. It is perfect served unaccompanied, on a cheese platter.
Surfin’ Blu Quattro Portoni srl – Italy


Surfin Blu is a blue cheese made from pasteurised whole water buffalo milk, refined in craft beer. Made with care using milk from the farm's herd, it is produced with Roqueforti penicillium. After curding, cutting and pouring into square moulds, each piece, weighing approximately 4 kg, is salted in brine and aged for about 90 days. The result: a delicate combination of both creamy and pronounced flavours, carefully packed in plant-based paper.
Bufarolo Stagionato Quattro Portoni srl – Italy


Bufarolo Stagionato, a cheese made from Italian water buffalo milk, is new for 2023! This is a washed-rind cheese, created from a paste that is acidified by the temperature of the milk. Its initially chalky texture moistens gradually as it matures. Its rind is carefully tended with water and salt, offering a holistic sensory experience involving both taste and smell that lingers on the palate. Delicious with salad or dried fruit.
Goat Moelleux Schmidhauser - France (74)


New product, the Goat Moelleux is a thermised goat's milk cheese weighing around 1.5 kg. Aged for 6 weeks on a spruce board, it is incomparably soft and creamy. Something new for your 2024 cheeseboards!
Cheese Gruyère PDO Vieux-Fribourg 15 months Fromagerie Moléson sa - Switzerland


Produced using raw, silage-free milk and traditional methods, Vieux-Fribourg Gruyère PDO stands out because of its 15-month ageing period. This cheese has a delicate, melt-in-the-mouth texture and a fruity taste with hints of roasted hazelnuts. Recognisable by its golden rind, it will delight lovers of hard cheeses. It can be enjoyed with mountain honey for perfect balance on the palate.
200g basket of extra-fine churn butter with Noirmoutier salt crystals Baechler - France (47)


The extra-fine churned butter with Noirmoutier salt crystals won the jury over because of its exceptional quality, standing out among the competing dairy products. With a fat content of over 85.5%, this butter has a fine texture, a rich yellow colour and a deliciously salty flavour. Perfect for cooking or spreading on toast, this traditional butter is enjoyed for its salt crystals and delicious flavours. To be tasted on a quality baguette!
Fourme de Montbrison PDO S.C.P.R. - Ets Fromages et Terroirs - France (12)


A blue-veined cow's milk cheese produced and matured at the Fromagerie du Pont de la Pierre. Cut through its orange rind to reveal a creamy, soft and fragrant paste, with delicate blue marbling. On the palate, it provides a consensual, well-balanced taste that expresses finesse rather than strength. To be enjoyed with good quality rye bread!
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